social media marketing for new business in singapore

Social media marketing apps for business in singapore

Are you a new business owner who is looking for a suitable marketing method to expand the reach of your business?

The variety in marketing options which can be approached in this case can often be overwhelming for owners starting new businesses.

But worry not! Here is everything you possibly need to know about the most crucial method that you can use right now; Social Media Marketing.

What exactly is social media marketing?

It is one of the sub-categories of internet/digital marketing, which, due to the increasing use of technology, is rapidly gaining dominance. Social platforms are used by businesses to expand their reach.

– Digital devices which provide access to social media

people using laptops and mobile for business marketing in singapore

Why social media marketing?

Here’s why;

Firstly here are some noteworthy statistics (updated to the year 2020) referring to social media marketing:

  • 6 billion people in the world are using social media right now.
  • Users spend an estimated average of about 3 hours per day on social media and networks.
  • To obtain information on products, 54% of all social browsers take the help of social media.

Other than these, here are five major, concise benefits of this particular marketing option for your new business:

1. Improved brand awareness

Over 90% of marketers have admitted that spending just a few hours per week on social media platforms to attract potential customers significantly increased their brand awareness and customer count.

Moreover, through social media platforms, a whole new network of users (brought in by different methods but sharing the same interests) will visit your profile every time a change such as a post, hashtags, story, and mention, etc. is made.

Excellent and thoroughly planned strategies can highly increase user interactions with your business profile and increase your brand’s exposure to people.

2. Higher customer satisfaction

Since social media is all about the interaction between users, you will have the opportunity to interact with your customers directly.

This interaction is the perfect way to establish trust with old, new, and potential customers.

3. A cost-effective strategy

Compared to other marketing strategies, expenses required for paid promotion on social media are very low. Apart from that, creating a profile is free on major social media platforms!

This low cost will increase your budget for other business expenses, and the gains from this type of marketing are also likely to be very large compared to the small sum you will have initially invested.

4. A way to gain marketplace knowledge and insight

Social media platforms have tools available for business profiles, enabling you to analyze your consumers’ demographics and provide other useful analytical information.

Also, since you can directly interact with your customers through messages, comments and such, you will be able to learn more about how you can improve your services/product or even attitude further, and about the areas you lack.

5. Good brand reputation

As your brand image and awareness improve, your brand reputation will significantly improve as well. The key is to build a quality relationship with users, keep them satisfied, learn from criticism, and continuously enhance your profile and services.

Social media platforms can provide businesses with a phenomenal marketing opportunity. Therefore, you should consider hiring the best professional service to ensure that your brand is marketed through the most-advanced strategies.

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