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Justin Cheng

Justin Cheng

Agency Director of Asia Awesome Affiliates

Since young, Justin Cheng is always fascinated with technology. With experience in more than 10 years of digital technology, Justin fused technology with advertisements to aid entrepreneurs in growing their business.

Justin established Asia Awesome Affiliates Agency in 2019 and formed the Advertisement and Marketing branding – AdTech Fusion in 2020.

AdTech Fusion is structured to allow the agency digital advocates to guide more consumers on how to be more digitally savvy and also to guide the business owners on how to generate more revenue for their businesses using both online and offline strategies.

Every entrepreneur would like the customers to know who they are, what they can offer, and where to get their products or services. The question here is how and how fast?

Justin believes that every business deserves a chance to showcase their products or services to the ads viewers.

“With the right offer and the right timing, these ads viewers will turn into customers.”

AdTech Fusion will assist and grow our clients’ business together.

Eltin Chen

Eltin Chen

Digital Web Manager

Bagged with a 12-year experience in corporate world and now managing her own successful eCommerce business, Eltin understands the need for businesses to be versatile and adapt to the rapid changing consumer behavior in this century.
Breakthroughs in digital technology has also given a much accelerated boost which transforms and shapes how, why and where consumers shop these days.
As such, Eltin is passionate to partner business owners to take advantage of the untapped potential of Advertising Technology (AdTech) where Advertisement fuses with Technology to create a stir, capture audiences and exponentially boost the much needed brand presence in fast and massive ways.

Rachel Chwa

Rachel Chwa

Social Media Manager

In her almost 2 decades of working in a Japanese MNC, Rachel witnessed the evolution of the Internet World and how it had impacted her company’s business identity. She successfully convinced her then conservative management of the importance of a good web presence.
Soon after she saw how businesses trended into a world of social media.
And it has since proven to be a no-passing trend. The ability to create real human connection is one of the key benefits of social media for business. Hence Rachel hopes to ride on this meaningful relationship moments via social media, to convey the values and persona of Adtech Fusion.

Irene Tay

Irene Tay

Administrative Manager

Irene brings with her more than 25 years of corporate experience in the fields of Finance, HR & Administrative operation function in SEA regions, and now manages an online eCommerce partnership business.
Irene understands that one of the most effective ways to reach customers today is through Digital Marketing. With the information of any kind readily accessible to customers through modern technology, digital platforms have become battlefields for marketers, no matter which industry.
Irene believes Advertising Technology (AdTech) creates a heightened awareness of brands. She can help you build unique strategies tailored to your business and brand identity, increasing customers traffic and conversions.

Adeel Ahmad

Adeel Ahmad

Digital Media Consultant

In two years of online brand marketing, Adeel has used his SEO expertise to boost the online footprint of companies.
Adeel specializes in on-page and off-page optimization. These include skills like effective website auditing, keyword searches and competitive website analysis, SEO strategist, On-page, and Off-page expertise from link building to content marketing.
These are exactly the skills you are looking for to boost the profile of your company to the top of the engine search where you are most likely to grab the attention of your target audience.

Madiha Riaz

Madiha Riaz

Writer and Social Media Consultant

With over 5 years of providing a variety of writing services, Madiha has a nuanced understanding of words. She has a complex knowledge of the modern advertising world. With just the correct words, she’ll persuade any target audience!
Advertising businesses online is technical. To have your article show up at the top of search engines, you need someone who knows their way around these technicalities. Having written over 2000 marketing and social media articles, she can bump your products to the top! 600 Viewers In 24Hr 100% Customer Satisfaction 200+ Clients Using AdTech 100+ Agency Sales Associates

David Ang (Sales Director - Asia)

David Ang (Sales Director – Asia)

Partner of Asia Awesome Affiliate Agency

Asia Awesome Affiliates partner with D&G Xtreme Concepts in 2020 to expand VX POPBox Advertisement and Barista Uno Coffee in South East Asia Region.

The experiences from both companies compromise each other and we hope to bring benefits to the region consumers and also help to increase the revenue of businesses.

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