Along with Facebook Live services, AdTech is also one of the beast Facebook managing companies worldwide.

Facebook LIVE Ads Singapore

If you have been around technology for the past ten years, you probably already know what Facebook is. You might have been using it frequently to share pictures of cute dogs amongst your friends. But some of you must have also been using it as a business platform to promote your brand. If so, here is a fantastic feature Facebook has introduced that take label promotions to the next level!
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Facebook Live Ad Singapore

What are Facebook Live Services?

Going live on a social media platform is an effective way to engage with your audience or people.
Go live on Facebook to stream a virtual event, discussion, performance, Q&A, You can go live for a blog, a party, or any such event, and of course, business promotions. Your videos will also be playable after the live streaming is over, and it will be available in the News Feed of viewers to re-watch.

Benefits of Using Live Streams:

1) An audience from all around the world. Since these live streams are accessible to anyone worldwide, that brings together an enormous audience for you to present to. This means that numerous people will be made aware and available to your product/brand.

2) Target your audience. When you start posting and eventually build an online presence, Facebook can collect the stats of the people visiting your page, giving you access to see the genders and ages of your audience. You can see what specific groups of people are interested in your brand/product and generate more ad campaigns around that demographic.

3) Connect with your audience. Through comments and personal messages, your customers can enquire about whatever queries they have regarding your brand, or whatever help they need regarding your product. This leads you to build relationships with your viewers and increase brand loyalty.

4) Newsjacking. This is the act of using recent affairs or news stories to encourage or market one’s product or company. Since social media is the hub of all pop culture, brands can capitalize on things that are considered ‘trendy’ at the moment and encapsulate them to their promotional advantage.

5) Makes your brand appear unique and different. If it’s a webinar, meeting, or merely a casual instructional talk, live streaming activities aren’t anything, many companies have started to do. If you could take advantage of this creative use of internet content and guide it against targeting your companies’ goals, you can begin separating yourself from the rest of the marketplace.

6) Increased sales. Promotion on social media vastly improves your reach. With features like ‘shares’ and ‘reposts,’ your advertisement can be circulated between thousands of people without you having to do any of the work!

Facebook Live

Why Pick Adtech?

Along with Facebook Live services, Adtech also has one of the beast Facebook managing companies worldwide.
Daily posts containing enticing content, attention to feedback and questions by users, handling user ratings, Facebook crosslinking to other social media sites, use of professional support to customize the website, quarterly statistical reports are given to show the trend towards growth; are only some of their extraordinary services.
Accompanied by all these, Adtech can guide you on setting up a business Livestream properly and making it professional and effective.

Bernard J Solosa | DJ | HOST

Bernard had been hosting and being a DJ for many years.

Dynamic, Energetic, Entertaining 

Bernard J Solosa has had an illustrious career in entertainment starting as an International DJ working in Singapore, Malaysia & China, and has expanded his entertainment career as a Host / Presenter for 6 years.

Since then, the character I have built as an emcee, has cultivated a sense of personal style and has put into place an emphasis on versatility as well as captivating the audience, whether it be with formal audiences or dinner and dance theme events.

“Professionalism, wit, humor and dedication, I find are the important ingredients in putting the audience at ease and ultimately giving them a feel good time from the start till the end of the event.”

It’s important being an all-rounder as an event emcee, catering to all types of audiences. The Host and all that is seen provided in the event is utmost. Carrying out the program flow, engaging the audience plays a vital role in the success of all that the project stands for. To sum it all, it’s about having a nice time.

As a Singapore emcee and Asia Host, I have enjoyed the opportunities of providing services to a varied base of clients, that include multinational companies, government agencies , corporate establishments and event agencies that require any support.

The event industry is ever changing, but requires as always, due diligence, commitment and fresh entertainment ideas as being a top Singapore MC. And that’s where, I love to come in’.

Charmaine Sei | Actress | HOST | Pianist

Charmaine Sei had been hosting and being a DJ for many years.

Cheerful, Lively, Pianist 

Super Kpop Dance Contest Season 1 & 2
Come closer with Chinese & Korean Pop @ West Mall
Groove with Kpop Dance Battle @ Plaza Singapura
Ultimate Star Search Singing Competition
Whampoa Community Centre – Respect for Elders
Boys Nite Out Dance Contest
Square 2 Gangnam Style Face-Off Dance Battle

Wedding & Party Hosting
Wan Sern Industrial Metals D&D 2017,2019
Exortic Cars Club Annual CNY Dinner 2017,2018
Givaudan Year End Party 2018
CitiBank Annual CNY Luncheon 2019

Various Roadshows
UOB, Standard Chartered, MayBank, CitiBank, DBS, Sasa, Singapore Health Promotion Board, NTUC, Samsung, Walls, Brands, AIA, Coca-cola, Colgate, Marigold, Vitagen, Tiger Beer, Yeo’s


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Mr. Eye

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