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A banner ad is an example of a digital advertisement. It contains images and sounds and can be either static or animated, really depending on how one wants to portray their ad.

The function of this ad is that when clicked, it’ll take you to the advertiser’s website, where you can shop whatever the ad displayed. These banner ads play four crucial roles as an advertisement:

  1. Grab the customer’s attention
  2. Help sell a product
  3. Announce sales and discounts
  4. Grow customer traffic

Read on to know how to design practical and visually appealing ads. If you want to hire a professional company for ad design services, AdTech Fusion, Singapore is the most reliable establishment.

Getting the designing right

Choose the right background

  • If you have people in your ads or just a lot going on with the product, a solid color background will do well.
  • If you don’t have a physical product to display or think your product is abstract and can be projected better with an image, go for a photo background.Precise headlines

Keep it short and sweet to convey your message.

Pick the right size

These are some of the most popular banner sizes, and according to Match2One, they cover 89% of all ad placements.

  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728×90 Leaderboard
  • 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard

160×600 Wide Skyscraper

CTA (Call to Action)

  • CTA Color theory: Using the opposite color of your background for your text makes it easy to figure out where to click.
  • CTA Text: Tell customers what you want them to do. For example: If you’re selling online gambling – tell people to “Bet Now”.Professional banner designer working in singapore

Essential things to display on your ad which are specific to your brand:

1) Your logo

2) Your products

3) Personalization

4) An offer

              Graphic design poster making companies in Singapore can have the job done for you!

Types of banner ads

Some time ago, flash ads were rising in popularity in the world of advertisement. That was because they could only run on devices that had preinstalled Adobe Flash Player and were also starting to become targets of bugs sent by hackers.

Google banned these ads, and other browsers soon followed suit. As a cause of this, HTML5 was appointed as the default multimedia.

  • HTML5 banner ads

These ads are made with web code and contain all kinds of images, audios, text, and videos. They can resurrect themselves to be viewed on any device.

  • Animated GIFs ads

Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) are a series of images or videos without any sound that loops continuously and doesn’t require a press play button. They are easy to create and are very engaging.

  • Static banner ads

Clickable web images that are enclosed in still frames. These have been around for a long while and are precise and useful. You can find the best creative digital designs by banner making companies in Singapore.

Different types of banner layouts

Here are the kinds of formats you can present your article in.

  • Rotating banners

In this, the ad will rotate between different pages on a website. This can be advantageous as the customer will get a unique page every time and different ads while staying in the same location.

  • Scrolling banners

In this, the ad changes from company to company.

  • Floating banners

This ad pops up as soon as a user enters a page and then floats around the screen for a bit. These are attention-grabbing but can seem annoying at times.

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How banner ads can help improve marketing

Marketing is important as it allows businesses to engage in long-lasting relationships with their audience, and present themselves in a way which is relevant and impressionable. One of the most effective way to market is through is ads.

  • When your banner appears on several websites, it strengthens your brand and increases brand awareness.
  • Banners tell you how many people saw your ad and what the click-through rate was. By knowing this, you can understand the impact of your ads, analyze what’s working, and change your strategy if needed.
  • By keeping account of the people who have clicked on your ad and shown interest in the product you’re selling, you can better understand your target audience. Now you know which age and the demographic job you need to advertise your product.
  • These web banners don’t cost much. Compared to other forms of advertising, these are cheaper to create and share. Banner costs in Singapore are affordable and worth it. With these, you don’t have to worry about marketing and focus on other parts of your business.
  • These ads are a long-term and flexible solution. You can maintain these campaigns for a long time and yet customize them however and whenever you want. Consistency also reinforces your brand name to potential customers.


A well-designed banner resonates with your audience and gets the message across well. It gives off a sense of professionalism and portrays you in the best light in front of the clients.

AdTech Fusion is helping businesses and companies grow their size through effective advertising and branding campaigns. They design and prepare high-quality and imaginative banner designs fit for any institution.

  If you want well-produced banners and timely work, AdTech Fusion is the best banner design in Singapore.

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