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 professional video editing in singapore

Have you ever seen a movie featuring a scene with some beautiful montage that left you in awe? Or maybe, you were wondering how filmmakers manage to arrange so many different scenes (shot independently) into a linear sequence?

The sequence drives a singular narrative throughout the film or video, making it coherent. The transitions, cuts, music and, sound effects are made through editing, a vital part of the film making process.

In this post, we’ll address the importance and cost of the video editing process and how it’s done professionally.


If you are a novice to this area of filmmaking, you might not know much about the process. But if, you have some know-how, you might know that there are three stages to the process:

1. Pre-production:

The initial stage where the creation of the video’s outline takes place

2. Production:

The stage at which the filming begins

3. Post-production:

The final and most crucial part of the process

The Cost of video editing:

The average rate varies between $75 to $150/hour.

The cost depends on and rises based on the working days or hours for the editor. It isn’t fixed. It increases as more complex effects are added.

More cuts, special effects, montages, complex video transitions or sound mixing, color correction, etc. means that the price will automatically rise.

The Software:

As a beginner, choosing software to get started can be daunting. Some free beginner software suggestions are:

Windows Movie Maker:

It’s very basic and easy to use. You can rearrange clips of your videos, add soundtracks as well as share it on various social media platforms.

  • Apple iMovie:

It’s available on all Apple products. It is user friendly and you can add thumbnails, dialogues, soundtracks, texts etc. You can even create your own soundtrack!

More advanced software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro:

It’s used by feature filmmakers, you tubers, and experienced editors. It’s one of the best and most popular software out there.

  • Avid Media Composer:

It’s frequently used in the film industry. Your favorite movies were probably edited through this software!


guidlines on editing in singapore

(Video editing software being used)

 Importance of editing:

Editors are not butchers that just cut filmed scenes. If you decide to become an editor, you also become a storyteller!

They add that magical spark that a movie or video requires. Through their craft, they make a film or video more engaging and prevent you from losing interest.

Editors also help keep you emotionally invested and enhance the visual storytelling and the cinematic experience.

On a final note:

Video editing is an art that demands a lot of patience, time, and effort. If you plan on becoming a professional editor, adopting the required work ethic is essential.

An editor’s job is done behind the camera. Even though they work away from the spotlight, they are necessary to bring a movie or video together.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get started!

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